190w-205w Mono
Model  TN185M-72 TN-190M-72 TN195M-72 TN200M-72 TN205M-72
Maximum power (Pmax) 185W 190W 195W 200W 205W
Voltage at max. power (Vmp) 36.6V 37.7V 37.4V 37.8V 38.0V
Current at max. power (Imp) 5.06A 5.11A 5.21A 5.29A 5.40A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 44.8V 45.3V 45.6V 45.9V 46.1V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 5.29A 5.36A 5.42A 5.48A 5.61A
Tolerance ±3%
Solar Cells Monocrystalline 125*125mm
Cell Orientaion 72cells(6*12)
Module Dimention 1580*808*35mm
Weight 15.6KG
Glass High transperancy solar glass 3.2mm
frame Anonized aluminium alloy
J-Box IP 65 rated
Cables/Connector Photovoltaic Technology cable 4.0mm2
Operational Temperture -40~+85℃
Max System Voltage 1000VDC
Max Series Ruse Rating 10A
Nomal Operating Cell Temperature 45℃(±3℃)
Temperature Coefficient of PMPP -0.45%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of VOC -0.35%/ ℃
Temperature Coefficient of ISC 0.05%/℃
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